We help to build new, update or recreate the exiting brands.

Our mission is to find the right way to connect brand with its audience. Modern brands are based on clarity and simplicity, shared values and ideals. We help to build digital-first, consumer-centric, modern, compelling, brands that stand out.

Our corporate identity design roadmap includes brand strategy and brand DNA, logo design and visual guidelines for print and digital.

Brand DNA

Express your brand personality, tell your brand’s story, define it’s strategy in a clear concise way is a challenge that requires knowledge and skills. Professionally made brand DNA will serve a sound foundation for design of a unique identity for your iconic brand and be an important part of your “brand bible”. 

All key elements will be collected in a single document defining the strategic framework and key messaging and delivered as a PDF document optimized for print and web, can also be provided as a Keynote or Powerpoint presentation file. 


Logo design 

Simplicity, boldness, elegance  – these are our favourite terms that describe the logos we create.

Logo design is a very important stage in brand identity design journey as it has very important implications for your brand  recognition by the public.

Special attention will be paid to functionality, human visual perception factors, differentiation among competitors. 

Your logo can be either one of the below of a combination thereof. 

Logomark or brandmark – most often abstract shapes which not contain the name of the brand.

Lettermark or monogram – design of a brand’s initials. Some brands are more often referred to by their initials, like UPS.

Wordmark – name of a brand stylized into a text-based logo. Combine the visual identity of a brand with the ease of recognition of the business name.


Brand visual identity guidelines.

Brand visual identity guidelines, or more simply brand guidelines is a comprehensive document that gives valuable guidance and serves to establish rules and standards for the company’s own staff, external agents and production vendors. It provides a complete guidance on visual components that make up the brand, how visual asses should and should not be used on different media. It is also often referred to as style guide or brand book, or, less often, as brand standards.

We think of the brand’s visual identity as a system in which all components are working together.

Brand guidelines will be delivered as a PDF document optimized for both digital and print.

The extent of the document will depend on how many people are using it, how it is applied by the organization, how often it should be refreshed. Formats covered include digital, online, printed, hybrid media to best serve the needs of the organization.
Brand guide will include the logo, color palette, typography, photo mood boards, formats and rules and any other elements that may be useful based on organization’s real world needs.

At this stage we create templates for business cards, email signature, stationary and collaterals.


Digital identity.

This stage includes everything that is required for your company’s presence in the digital plane – social media pack and website design.

Social media pack will include all visual assets needed for successful social network profiles based on the most up to date requirements. 

Having a holding website is already a good idea as search engine will index the site and take into account the domain age factor which will count from the very first time search bot will discover your domain and find the first keywords on the holding page.  

Designing a business website is a complex process that always includes some business analysis, copywriting and graphic design work, discussed in details here: read more about web design with us.