Google Analytics Q&A : What is Organic Search category in sources?

First, let’s remind the concept of Referrals and Referrers in Analytics. When the visitor arrives on your website by clicking a link on someone else’s website, this website is called a Referrer and the visitor is called a Referral.

For each visitor, Analytics records referrer’s domain name and compares it with the GA default list of search engines. If the referrer’s domain is found in the list, then the visitor is attributed to the Organic Search source category.



Google will stop using data-vocabulary

Google has officially announced today that it will stop using data-vocabulary and will only read markup for structured data.

All sites that use markup for structured data will receive warnings from Google in Search Console. This will allow website admins to easily identify pages using data-vocabulary and replace it with

Structured data schemas are used to provide data in a meaningful way for search engines. It helps search engines understand the content of the web pages, identify the type of information, context and make sense of all details of the information presented to visitors and create richer search results.